Community Mental Health Care services

Community Mental Health Care services

Day care Centre-Sowmanasya Hospitals

This Centre enables the patients to acclimatize themselves social life by equipping them with adequate life-oriented skills. A—skills are provided under the able guidance of a qualified occupational therapist. Envelope-making, paper bags made from recycled paper, pot painting, Greeting cards, pen stands, cloth bags, colorful (lamps), phenyl preparation, stitching of woolen mats and table mats, are some activities that are carried out here.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre- Gunaseelam.

In December 2003 the first licensed community-based rehabilitation has been started at Gunaseelam, Musiri Taulk, Trichy. Sowmanasya Hospital is providing all professional services to the Temple Trust. It is 15-bedded psychiatric residential rehabilitation facilities are provided with all amenities including bed, lunch, treatment and a small kitchenette with gas, thanks to the members of philanthropists and newspaper barons and others. It is a unique rehabilitation concept offering faith healing and modern psychiatric rehabilitation. Out-patient service is available on alternative days weekly thrice ( Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Drugs and consultation are free for all the patients.


We also provide clinical service to many NGO in and around Trichy. It also caters to wandering mentally ill. Our clinical services are also provided to governmental agencies including police and judiciary. We also offer district mental health care programmes.

Sponsorships for our Rehabilitation programme are welcome a great source of support to us, in the pursuit of our vision to poor class mental health care services.

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