1. Why choose Sowmanasya ?

It adopts a unique multi-disciplinary approach and offers mental health care at an affordable cost.

Special Features:
• Already ongoing DNB Programmes
• Excellent academic atmosphere, weekly teaching grand rounds,    weekly journal clubs & periodic C.M.E.s
• Well equipped library
• Internet access
• MOU with M.V.J Medical College, Bangalore.
• Free single furnished accommodation provided
• No capitation fee or caution deposit
• Stipend paid as per NBE norms.

2. Can lower income groups also afford the treatment?

Yes, we have a special package system available for the need will be provided free of cost.

3. What is the type of treatment administered to patients?

The treatment depends on the condition of the patient. It is based in terms of its approach , ex psychotropic medications, psycho-therapies, psycho-social Interventions are all part of the treatment provided according to the condition of the patient.